Personal Data Processing Policy

HEMEKO collects necessary information related to your transactions with the website.

This website operates its privacy policies according to general cases and related legislations and regulations for the optimal protection of your personal information.
All personal information you provide to the website will be protected safely both online and offline.

With several modern security systems, your personal information will be protected from leakage and unwanted eyes.
This website does not use your personal information for purposes other than the provision of services nor does it reveal personal information to third parties.

The only exception is for ordinances by Korean laws.
All information is stored in a safe computer storage that only restricted personnel can handle. All HEMEKO personnel are educated on privacy policies and personal information management.

HEMEKO tries its best to prevent illegal cracking and leakage of personal information through appropriate countermeasures, but it cannot guarantee complete protection due to the unstable nature of the Internet.
Therefore, HEMEKO does not warrant complete protection nor does it take responsibility for accidents beyond control.

HEMEKO requires account passwords for the protection of personal information.
Please refrain from sharing passwords with other people.

You must keep all personal information, including account passwords, under strict and safe care.
HEMEKO advises you to combine special symbols, numbers, and letters to create unique passwords.